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Friday, January 27, 2017

Grooming Cats!

        Grooming cats require both skill and understanding.  Cat's behavior can be chaotic and unpredictable especially when it comes to water and strangers that is why it's essential for a person that handles the cat to have the ability to sense cat's behavior and the fears behind that behavior.  
          The cat could be dangerous to himself and to the person that deals with that cat. When we groom cats, we I' mean,  wee essentially wrap them in the towel and trim their nails,  also try to calm them down in a high-pitched voice, then and only then we would start to bring the cat carrier free brushing the cat and washing  with warm water.  
          We also do a LION CUT,  peaches a strange way to groom the cat as it looks a little weird at first but essentially he would look just like a lion but you bet this is the safest way to give a cat a haircut because the skin is so soft and lose that it's so easy to injured the cat . Call for your appointment today, mobile pet spa will be happy to hear from you
818 755 7900 310 573 8897

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